When analyst opinion says we have one of the most sophisticated constitutions in the world, we often undermine the implications thereof on a democracy as young and as fragile as South Africa's. Many argue that the constitution has gone to extremes to defend the rights of the citizens of this country. That may be so, but that is why constitutions are there. This is the supreme agreement between a country and it's people that their rights will not be abused, and that they will be defended against such abuse. What does this mean to us though?

The precedent an examplary document like this has set for the law fraternity in this country, and indeed elsewhere, has far reaching implications. Because of it, law makers and defenders of justice are challenged with what Frederick Bastiat in his book 'The Law' says is 'to protect persons, liberties, and properties; to maintain the rights of each, and to cause justice to reign over all'. This, in the example of our constitution, must be done to the extreme. At Nyapotse Inc, we do not see this as a challenge, but an obligation. We do not defend the law, we defend the protection the law must excecise over the people. If the law is flawed, it cannot be defended; if it is not flawed, it does not need defending. It is the people we must protect.

With the background of a country with improved political conditions and one of the most sophisticated constitutions in the world, Nyapotse Inc has its focus on the Commercial and Entertainment Law. We have been involved in some of the ground breaking matters in South Africa, thereby setting new standards and shifting the paradigm. This is our mindset at Nyapotse Inc. Our professionals are driven by the zeal to do extraordinary work. And in our quest to provide quality service to our reputable clients, we fully entrench the princinples of our constitution and endorse the socio-economic transformation policies of this country.

Nyapotse Inc is situated in South Africa's economic and investment hub and is well positioned and empowered to provide informed, relevent and quality service. Browse through this website to learn more about us or come to our offices. All are welcome.
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